Beer Pong

To Beer Pong or not to Beer pong? That is the question…

Here at Trapeze Bar, we are all for a good bit of competitive drinking. After all what else brings more joy than dominating your friends or enemies in a good old fashion game of Pong? It is etched in Circus folklore to settle any quarrel over the pong table (probably) and we don’t limit it to just beer either.

Feel free to mix it up with Prosecco Pong! “What is Prosecco Pong?” we hear you ask. Well, much like it’s not too distant cousin it is a game of Pong where the beer has been replaced by Prosecco! If that doesn’t sound like a party starter then I am afraid we don’t know what does!

Fill out the enquiry form below and get yourself booked in for a night full of pong greatness!

Available times:
Thursday – All night
Friday – 4pm until 10pm
Saturday – Not available