Retro Arcade is here! Roll up, Roll up. Come one and come all!

Here at Trapeze Bar we love a touch of classic fairground fun mixed in with the perfect amount of nostalgia. That’s why our resident Ringmasters have made the inspired decision to install not one, not two, not three but four brand new retro Arcade machine tables and we also have a huge playable Pong table. We know, what a throwback! That’s right circus folk, swing by Trapeze and enjoy a throwback to the older times and have all the video game arcade fun at your fingertips for free!
Feel free to pop in and set a new high score anytime as these tables are free to use. We will however also be taking bookings so that you can revive your inner child and take on, friends, colleagues or even that one guy from accounts that thinks he’s a bit of a big deal…
Let the games begin!

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